Six Months Today

16 11 2009

In that strange way that time has, in that it feels like it’s gone exceedingly fast, but so slowly all at the same time, it’s hard to believe that it’s six months today (yesterday for the Australian time zone) that my Dad passed away.

I just don’t know what to say.

But, just after he passed, I saw a verse that was written at my Grandmother’s old nursing home for one of the people there who passed away around the same time.  At the time it struck a chord, and I took a photo of it.  So now I’m going to share it, as it says more than I’m capable of.

At Rest

Think of me as one at rest,
for me you should not weep.
I have no pain, no troubled thoughts,
for I am just asleep.
The living thinking me that was,
is now forever still.
And life goes on without me now,
as time forever will.

If your heart is heavy now
because I’ve gone away.
Dwell not long upon it friend
For none of us can stay.
Those of you who liked me,
I sincerely thank you all.
And those of you who loved me,
I thank you most of all.

And in my fleeting lifespan,
as time went rushing by.
I found some time to hesitate,
to laugh, to love, to cry.
Matters it now if time began.
If time will ever cease?
I was here, I used it all,
and now I am at peace.




One response

17 11 2009

Thank you Craig it was a lovely verse, the words say it all , till we all are together again, I miss him so much, but I have you kate nan & Jack xoxo

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