Here kitty kitty…

19 11 2009

As expected for this time of the year, it appears the rains have set in.  One problem with that, I have a driveway full of rich, black compost that needs to go in the garden, and there’s enough of it that I’ve been having to park the car either in the street, or on the lawn.

The lawn is starting to become a non-option.  Whereas through Summer it was dry and parched, now it’s a squelchy, muddy sponge.  A sponge that threatens to remove your shoes as you walk across it.

Here’s hoping for a day of sun, if not just a day of no rain in the near future…

Until then, there’ll be a lot of couch time.  Something that Oliver enjoys.  He’s never happier than when he’s taken possession of my lap, or when he’s laying on his back in the crook of my arm like a baby.

Some might say he’s spoilt…  They’d be right.




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