Jam Packed Full-o-Fun

22 11 2009

To say today was busy would be an understatement, despite a slow start, I managed to get to the gym, then home, shower, change, in the car with Mark, Alex and Randy and off into Seattle to visit a house that is being remodelled by the Designers we’ve been meeting with.

The renovation was amazing, but there are a lot of things I’d personally do differently, but most importantly, their other client is immensely happy with the work, a good sign.

From remodels it was off to the Ballard Locks, where the large lock is currently empty for maintenance.  The last time I was there was with my parents, and both Locks were operational, and kept my Dad mesmerised for hours.  To see the large one empty is bizarre.  It’s enormous, and it boggles the mind at how fast it’s filled and emptied with water when it’s operational.

From Locks, to Archie McPhees a novelties store, where you can buy any sort of gag gift you’ve ever imagined, and some that you haven’t.  I came home with 2 back scratchers (practical, not gag), some Cappucino flavoured mints, some Bacon flavoured mints, and some Cupcake flavoured mints.  Bizarre but novel.  The Bacon mints taste weird, which really isn’t too surprising.

From there it was off to a Burger restaurant called The Counter where you’re given a check list of items to build your own burger, you simply check mark everything you want and they bring it to you.  Also amazing!

Then off to Smash Putt mini golf.  A game of mini golf that involves air cannons on the first hole, you shoot your ball at targets to score.  Other holes had moving parts, catapaults, and some even had power tools such as Plunge Routers, Drills, Circular saws etc.  At the end of the evening your ball is literally destroyed.  Mine now has saw marks along the side, and a big hole drilled in it.  Great fun!

Then we all grabbed a hot drink, since it’s so cold out, and now we’re home where I’m exhausted and ready for bed.

Hope you all had great weekends!




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