The Excitement is Starting to Set In…

23 11 2009

There’s only 12 more days left until I leave for Anaheim, California and my first ever trip to Disneyland.  Five whole days at the Happiest Place on Earth…  


I’ve even finally started reading through “The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland”, a literary wealth of hints and tips towards enjoyment.  I thought it’d be silly, but it’s actually quite informative, in that it gives you all the information you need to navigate the park efficiently, what to take, when to go, and importantly, how to skip the queues where possible.

Good news!

That aside, I need to de-excite a little as it’s late and time for bed.





2 responses

24 11 2009

OMG You’ve got me excited too 😛

I’m sure you’ll be taking lots of pics.

25 11 2009

5 days in Disneyland is a LOT! Suggestion: Spend one day at Knotts Berry Farm. Personally, I prefer KBF to the land of the mouse. Skip long queues by getting a day pass and thus get in earlier than those who buy tickets at the gate. Go straight to the rides you MOST want to go on — do them the earliest, then get straight back in line again if you liked it the first time. Don’t say you’ll come back later. About an hour or so after the gates open, you’ll never get back on as the line will be a 2-hour wait! See everything else later. But do the rides as early as possible.

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