Shit Shovelin’

2 12 2009

I joked about dealing with all the shit in my life, and then a truck backed up and dumped another load.  Quite literally.

Over the last 3-4 months I’ve hired large bins to clear out the gardens, and then had 2 truck loads of soil delivered.  Today, I finally got the last of it moved, and now have gardens again.

Gardens in which I planted 9 roses, all of which are fragrant, or will be after Winter when they grow back from the Winter pruning I gave them, and 7 lavendars, and when I get back from Disneyland, I have over 1000 assorted bulbs to plant.  Hopefully in the time I’m gone it’ll not have snowed, or I’ll be having to dig through snow as well.

The frontyard looks so much better, and I can’t wait till Spring.  The backyard still needs to be mowed and all the leaves from the GARGANTUAN tree there raked up and removed, all 400 billion tonnes of them (well that’s what it looks like, it’s a big tree!) and then it’ll look better too.  Progress!  It’s finally starting to look like my house, not someone elses.  The change has been enough that even the neighbours have started commenting positively on.

To celebrate, well not really, but it coincided nicely, we had Mark’s office Christmas Party this evening, an event I was slightly reticent about attending, primarily because they generally all talk “shop”, or computer/nerd speak.  It wasn’t quite so bad, in fact it was quite enjoyable, probably due partly in fact to it being held at a local winery.

We’re home for the night now, and the frosts have already started developing outside.   Brrr!

It’s looking like being another cold and snowy Winter…

Send me some Summer Australia, and I’ll send you some rain.