Cutting it Close

3 12 2009

I’ve only just realised that it’s nearly midnight, and Thursday is coming to a close.

The day has flown past and been totally non-stop.  I’ve just about got everything under control in preparation for our trip, which is great, as tomorrow I’m playing co-pilot to my friend Lisa as we drive 400 bazillion miles into nowhere to pick up her new kitten.

It’s a long drive, possibly through snow, so I’m going along to keep her company and do the snow driving as she’s not a happy snow driver.  Also one of us is going to have to keep the kitten company.

So hopefully everything will go to schedule tomorrow, and 8 hours from now I’ll be on the road, and then home before it’s too late, to get a haircut, pack, collapse into bed, and fly to Anaheim, California on Saturday morning.  

Super exciting! 🙂

Have a great weekend when you get there!