Last Sleep before the Disney Madness

5 12 2009

Well we’re in Anaheim, California, and have been checked into the hotel for several hours now, and I so tired it’s ridiculous, enough so that I’m starting to get really irritable.  So I guess it’s time for bed.  Especially since Alex wants to get to the park super early.

Think 4.45am alarm early.  Ugh!

The trip here was amazing.  First Class on Virgin America, the most amazing Domestic First Class I’ve ever experienced.

Ok, I have to go, my eyes are dry and burning I’m so tired.

Next time I blog I’ll have spent a day at the Happiest Place on Earth…  I hope they’re right, I’m not feeling so happy right now.





3 responses

5 12 2009

you must be exhusted you blog twice LOL

6 12 2009

WTF what time does the park open? That seems mad to get up so early.

6 12 2009

Well it’s 5.30am, I’m showered, dressed and pending my toothbrush, re-packed.

Now I can sit down and have the breakfast I purchased last night from a nearby Cheesecake Factory restaurant. Oh. It’s not cheesecake. It’s scrambled egg whites, spinach, mushroom, tomato and grilled chicken.

I’m not a morning person, so I’m glad I’m organised.

Next stop… Check in at the next hotel, then Disneyland! 🙂

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