They Weren’t Kidding

6 12 2009

I’ve just finished my first day at Disneyland.  Wow!

We arrived at the park just after 6.30am, were among the first 50 people to enter the park, and aside from leaving for a couple of hours to check into our hotel, and have some lunch, were there until the park closed this evening at midnight.

I’ve been on so many rides I can barely keep track.  Although I did update my facebook status regularly with my phone, primarily in an effort to record the rides I’ve been on.

Right now, it’s nearly 1am, so if you have access to my facebook page you can check it out for yourself.  If not.. Well best you make contact and we’ll see what we can do about that.

From me, in what is truly (right now) The Happiest Place on Earth…

Goodnight! 🙂