Meat is Murder

8 12 2009

Tasty, tasty murder!

Today was another fun filled, jam packed day at Disneyland.  This time starting in California Adventure with a Segway Tour of the site and backlots before it opened to the public.  Saying it was amazing would not do it justice.

It was beyond that.

Otherwise it was a brilliant day.  I traded my first pin, unleashing the competitive monster within and then went mad collecting/trading for the day between rides.

The evening was finished with some UBER amazing wines and food at Napa Rose.  I had Donald for the appetiser, and Bambi for my main.

Disney never tasted so good.  But now it’s really time for bed, it’s been a super busy week, and tomorrow will be just as busy, with one improvement…

I don’t need to be up for a full 3 hours later than has been the norm so far this week (4.45am).  YAY!