Start to Finish

10 12 2009

Today was an insane day.

Not only is this post late, because I ran out of time to post, but I’mnow writing it in another state.

A state of exhaustion, and in Washington State as opposed to California.

We started the day early.  Early enough that we were literally the first people into the Disney Park, and the first people to ride on Space Mountain.  We also managed to become the first people to lose items on it.  Mark left his camera, and I left my water.
Luckily, we were also the first people to be reunited with our items.  We ran from the exit to the start of the ride to ride again, identified that the ride Controller had Mark’s camera (someone must have handed it in), and re-boarded.   Happy coincidences.  By fluke, we even managed to get exactly the same carriage as we’d had moments before (they run multiple carriages), and my water was still there.  Yay!

Anyway…  I’m exhausted right now so am going to cut this short.  We hit a stack of rides, then raced back to the hotel to finish the packing, and checkout by 11am, and move our bags into Alex and Randy’s room (thanks guys!), and returned to the park, where we stayed until close.   Ending the day the same way we started, riding Space Mountain.

By 11.30pm we’d said our goodbyes to Alex and Randy and had boarded our shuttle back to the L.A. airport, only to catch another shuttle to the hotel we had booked for our final evening.

We didn’t check in until 1.38am (Friday morning), had a hot shower, rechecked our bags to make sure they were packed properly, went to bed, only to be woken a little over 2 hours later to head to the airport…

But that’s for Friday.