Express Train to Hades

14 12 2009

I swear I’m going to hell, although you’d think given my recent 11th anniversary that I’d have enough Karmic credits to cancel out my less pure moments.

This evening we went to see The Seattle Men’s Chorus at Benaroyal Hall in Seattle.  This is the second time we’ve seen them, and the first time we’ve gone to see a friend perform.

The highlight as with every year is when Silent Night is performed purely in sign language by 200 Choralers.  A theatre packed to the rafters with more than 2000 people becomes so quiet, all you can hear is the fabric rustling on the suits of those performing the Christmas carol.  It’s a sight that has to be seen (and barely heard) to be believed.

While I’m on the subject of sign language though, this is where I lose a couple of Karmic Credits…  There’s one song where the lyrics are “Do you hear, what I hear?”, it’s a classic carol, the name escapes me, but the irony of seeing that lyric performed in sign language made me giggle.

Oops! 😉

Happy Holidays everyone! 🙂