Missed the Boat, Plane, Post!

20 12 2009

Well here it is, a public announcement…

I screwed up my Christmas organising this year.  Nothing has been wrapped, nothing has been posted.  The cards are still in their box…

So much for being organised.  On the upside, no cards sent out this year means no disappointment when one isn’t received.  The list gets edited every year.

So, here it is.   It’s sustainable, hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly, a blog posted Holiday Wish to you all.

From me to you.  Happy Holidays to you all and your families and a very Happy New Year as well.  May 2010 bring you all the joy, health and happiness that you deserve.

Ho! Ho! Ho!   Hip! Hip! Hooray and all other manner of appropriate seasonal wishes.





2 responses

21 12 2009

& a very happy christmas to you all over there & I hope all your wishes for a health safe & stress free new years come true also xoxoxoxox

21 12 2009

Ho Ho Ho … LOL… glad ya thought of me 😉 he he he!

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