To All a Good Night…

23 12 2009

It’s the evening before Christmas Eve here, and there’s still no snow.  So, despite my being used to Summer during Christmas, it just doesn’t feel right being living in a country that until this year has had snow every Christmas that I’ve been here.


On the upside I have finally finished all the Christmas shopping, got nearly all the gifts wrapped, and while I’ve not yet posted them, so they’re going to be late, my families gifts are all ready to go.  I’ve phoned them all though to assure them they’ll not be missing out.

As it is, it’s Christmas tomorrow for them over in Australia – Merry Christmas to you all!

Now it’s bed time for me, I’ve been up since 3am’ish and my eyes are starting to hang out of my head.

Good night, and Happy Holidays to you all!