Will The Suffering Ever End?

31 01 2010

So far I’ve spent the entire weekend at home waiting for the antibiotics to kill the bug that’s infested my sinuses and congested my lungs.  Think stubborn lung oysters…

I’ve coughed and coughed until I’m hoarse.  My abdominal muscles ache, as do my shoulders, back and neck and the accompanying headache is driving me nuts.  I’ll be honest, I’m not a fun person to be around when I’m ill either. 

You can of course imagine my delight when Mark decided a short time ago to start playing “Lips” a karaoke game on the Xbox. 

I can’t sing.  I don’t even sound good in the shower.  I acknowledge that, but, Mark can’t either.  Although he’s like the poor argumentative audition’er on Australian/American Idol who when told to find a new career looks horrified, believing they indeed have the voice of an angel…   Right now he’s destroying a Fleetwood Mac song…

Poor boy.  Ears are painted on, and couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket.

Now it’s time for me to go take some more drugs, and find a happy place.

Hey Hey It’s Memory Lane

30 01 2010

There’s one perk about being sick…  You catch up on all the television watching you’ve been putting off, and there’s been quite a bit.  I’m a little stir crazy from being house bound, but overall surviving.  I just have to be patient and let the antibiotics do their job.

Note to self…  Next time a cold lasts more than two weeks, go to the Doctor.  Sinus infections are not fun.

I digress.  As I type this we’re watching the reunion show of an Australian television show, one that I grew up with; Hey Hey It’s Saturday.

In it’s early years it was a children’s show, but as we grew up, so did the show, and it became an evening show, and more adult oriented.  Less cartoons, more talent and competitions.

Initially I thought the reunion show would be corny, and I was right, but it’s good corny, I’m really enjoying it.  It also brings back fun memories of my childhood, when every Saturday morning, my sister Kate and I would sit at the end of Mum and Dad’s bed and watch cartoons as a family.

Good times!

If I was a Dog…

29 01 2010

I’d put myself down.   The cold I got for New Years day is now a sinus infection.  Just when I started feeling better I started going downhill again.

Grrrr!  Now I’m all pilled and potioned to the eyeballs, and can’t wait until I’m back to full health again.  All of January I’ve been ill so far.  Ugh!

In other news, my estranged (emphasis on “strange”) sister turns 30 today in Australia.  Despite her inability to be there for her own family while my father battled cancer, and passed away, and despite her showing up at the funeral and still neglecting to make contact with her family (oh yes, she got married too, mum found out via a friend on facebook…) here’s wishing you a happy birthday.   Perhaps with age will come commonsense.  I wish you that too.

Now for happier things.  We’re off to see Kathy Griffin perform this evening at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle.  Yay! 🙂


Ho Hum

28 01 2010

There’s really no way to appropriately convey how badly I bowled this evening, except to say that perhaps I should find a new hobby.

Or get in a lot more practice.

Oh well, we won one game at least, before losing overall by over 400 pins.  For shame!

In other news, I saw an amusing bumper sticker today…

“Artificial Intelligence is no match for Natural Stupidity”

Tee hee!

Bowling Madness

27 01 2010

I’ve just got home from Wednesday night bowling, and am super happy!  We won 2 of 3 games, and overall pins, but most importantly we all bowled exceptionally well, with at least one 200 (or more) game each.

Shelly was the Rockstar though, with a staggering 231.  That’s 4 times her average nearly!  Hope she hasn’t peaked too early.  We’re bowling again tomorrow!

Go team!

Out with the Old

26 01 2010

I guess Spring really is on it’s way.  The bulbs I planted pre-Christmas while the soil was frozen are starting to poke their little green heads up through the soil.  Which probably means I should hurry up and plant the remaining bulbs and hope they grow.

The house is also on the To-do list for a clean out.  The freezer and pantry are top of that list, it’s time to clear everything out, eat it, donate it, ditch it, whatever’s appropriate.

Then the rest of the house will be next.  Ugh, I’m tired thinking about it.  😉

Happy Australia Day!

25 01 2010

Courtesy of time zones, today is Australia Day in Australia, fitting really.  The appropriate date will be tomorrow for me here in Washington State.

But for all of my friends and family back in Australia.  HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY! 🙂

Meanwhile, nothing new or exciting has happened.  It was Monday, and now it’s Monday night.  Exciting!

In the interim.   Happy Birthday to my friend Matt for the morning, who shares a birth year with me!  Have a great day tomorrow!


24 01 2010

By choice of course.  It was a cold, wet and grey day here today, so I chose to stay home in the warm.

Xbox, chores, heater, pets and relaxing.  Perfect.

No complaints here.

Gotta Love Catchin’ Up with Friends

23 01 2010

After a busy day of chores and errands, inclusive of a haircut, and dodging every f’wit driver in the Costco carpark, we spent the evening with friends.

Dinner, drinks and lots of conversation and a few games.   Fun!

Thanks Brad and Tom for hosting a great night, and Mark R.  it was great to see you!

Another great day! 🙂


22 01 2010

Alternatively…  What a drag!

Today wasn’t the most exciting of days.  It started with a bowling lesson.  My technique has been tweaked, I’m getting a new ball, and hopefully I’ll be getting better scores in the near future.  Of course I need to practice more.

The evening closed with us heading in to Seattle to see our friend Derik perform Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi, in drag, and he was amazing!

Good fun, and a great way to end the week!  Tomorrow, the weekend begins!  Awesome!