Bouncing Back

5 01 2010

 is the first day of the New year that I’ve felt remotely human.  Day one of the new year started with a cold, and being congested and feeling pretty awful.

Today started much earlier than expected.  I forgot to turn my alarm off.  Tuesday is usually Physical Therapy first thing in the morning, not today though, but the alarm still went off.  I woke, swore, turned the alarm off, made a cup of tea and did a few things, then went back to bed two hours later.

Next thing I knew it was 12.30pm and the morning had gone.  Oh well, I apparently needed the sleep.  I certainly felt a lot better too.  Bonus!

I’ve still not really left the house today, other than to check the mail, but I have tidied up, cooked tonights dinner, and all the pets are fed.  Domestic god that I am…  I’m even blogging early.

Looks like 2010 is going to prove to be a lot more productive than previous ones.  🙂