Strike Me Down!

6 01 2010

I’m not long home from my first night of bowling for the year, and I’m surprised and shocked.

Just prior to Christmas I had a bowling lesson with a friend and my bowling technique,  namely my approach was changed.  From 3 steps to 4.   That may sound easy, but in practice, it’s quite confusing and takes a little getting used to.  During the “getting used to” phase it’s not uncommon for your bowling to worsen.  Mine did.

Tonight though I managed to bowl 11 strikes out of a possible 12.  You could have knocked me down with a feather.  That’s a first for me, and I’m still slightly in shock.

The only problem.  The one strike I missed, was in the 7th frame, which kept my score to a very acceptable 242, but it does beg wondering, what if that miss (I only got a single pin – ugh!) had happened in the last frame…

Oh well.  A great night overall!  Let’s see if tomorrow is a good night, or whether it proves tonight was a once off.



3 responses

7 01 2010

It should be” Strike me Lucky ”
well done,

7 01 2010
Miss Kitty

Well aren’t you the clever one. We went bowling with work the other day and I considered myself exceeding well co-ordinated to get a measly 2 (2!!) strikes! Lovely to chat to you the other day. Miss you heaps! Say hi to my squirrels…tell them Melb is a nice place to live….lots of nuts. Love & meows, Miss K xxxxxxx

10 01 2010

Awesome, well done on a great bowl. And 4-step process to bowling doesn’t sound easy at all. Especially when I only play with a two-step approach: pick up the ball, throw it down the alley. 😛

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