Nature rules supreme…

12 01 2010

We’ve certainly not had the coldest of Winters here in Seattle.  In fact, Winter this year has been pretty disappointing.  One of the perks of living over here was having a white Christmas.  That didn’t happen this year.

We did however get a big freeze.  Temperatures so cold that even the ground froze.  During this time I doggedly chipped at the garden to plant some bulbs that I’d been meaning to plant and never gotten around to.  The effort sore me with a very sore shoulder, but I got over 200 bulbs planted.

Then I crossed my fingers and waited, hoping they’d survive.

Several weeks later, the freeze over and nearly a week of rain later, I noticed some bright green buds pushing through the garden.  It seems a large majority of bulbs have survived and are even starting to grow.  Admittedly I’ve had to replant several that the birds have pulled out, but overall it seems I’ve been successful.  I just hope the roses I planted have survived as well.  If the rain holds off later in the week I’ll probably be back out in the garden again.
There’s a good 1500 or so bulbs still requiring planting.

Hopefully by the time Spring finally arrives the gardens will be a mass of colour.  I can only hope. 🙂