Xanadu on Stage

20 01 2010

Mark and I have just arrived home from the Paramount Theatre in Seattle where we saw Xanadu.

I’ll be honest, it’s not too faithful to the movie, in fact it’s more spoof.  It’s also the only stage show I’ve seen that didn’t have an Intermission.  I joked that’s because they’re afraid the audience may not come back…

That’s a little unfair, although truthfully the opening number was reminiscent of a school play.

It did improve though, but as an Australian I did find the Australian accent parody a little cringeworthy.  I wasn’t sure whether to be offended or to laugh.  I opted to laugh, but did become a little paranoid that people in the theatre would mistake my real Australian accent for a parody of the parody… 😉

Overall it was a bit of fun.  Rollerskates on stage translated better than I thought.

If you do get a chance to see it, I wouldn’t suggest camping overnight to get tickets, but it is enjoyable.