If I was a Dog…

29 01 2010

I’d put myself down.   The cold I got for New Years day is now a sinus infection.  Just when I started feeling better I started going downhill again.

Grrrr!  Now I’m all pilled and potioned to the eyeballs, and can’t wait until I’m back to full health again.  All of January I’ve been ill so far.  Ugh!

In other news, my estranged (emphasis on “strange”) sister turns 30 today in Australia.  Despite her inability to be there for her own family while my father battled cancer, and passed away, and despite her showing up at the funeral and still neglecting to make contact with her family (oh yes, she got married too, mum found out via a friend on facebook…) here’s wishing you a happy birthday.   Perhaps with age will come commonsense.  I wish you that too.

Now for happier things.  We’re off to see Kathy Griffin perform this evening at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle.  Yay! 🙂




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30 01 2010

Nice, you do have a fabulous way with words 🙂

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