Sunday Evening Already?

28 02 2010

Wow, the weekend is nearly over already.  I barely blinked and it’s gone.

Other than painting, I’ve painted, then painted some more.  I did manage to escape the house for a few hours today though, after applying more paint of course, to check out the Seattle Home Show where we spent almost three hours checking out contractors and companies for some upcoming projects.

Let’s just say it’s going to be a busy year.  Right now though I’m exhausted, and think an early night is in order.

Handier Than I Gave Myself Credit For

27 02 2010

As most of you know who read these ramblings, I’ve been redecorating my bedroom.  A project that has been taking a lot longer than originally expected.

Today has been a good day though.  The three main walls are completely finished, as is the ceiling, and the final wall, is ready for tinted primer tomorrow, and then three coats of metallic copper, followed by a clear top coat.  Then there’s all the wood trim to paint.

Meanwhile, All the tape from the three main walls is down, and I’ve started pulling up the carpet.  I figure I might as well be productive.

Only half the carpet is up, and half the floor untarped, primarily to allow for the final portion of the painting project.  One day I’ll upload the photos, I’ve been taking them as I go to document the progress.

Otherwise, I’ve just had dinner, and have earnt myself a nice glass of something and a rest.  Tomorrow is going to be yet another busy day, and somewhere in there I’ll be heading off to the Seattle Home Show to check out their offerings and ideas.

Hooroo! 🙂

There’s a light…

26 02 2010

Not over at the Frankenstein place either!

Today has been a whirl of removing old painters tape, and replacing it with new, and then most tedious of all, 2 hours of hand edging all the paintwork and cutting in the corners before the first coat of one of the final colours was applied.

It’s so nice to see the room looking warmer and brighter, and most importantly not green!  Much improved.

The evening was a little more relaxed and fun, we went to our friends daughters school this evening to play Bingo for their fundraiser.  Six games, and three hundred prizes.  Fun for everyone.  The prizes were all primarily childrens toys, but the entire evening only cost us $30.00.  That included entry, bingo cards (12 each), two bottles of water, popcorn, and 20 raffle tickets.

We didn’t win the raffles but we got three of the other prizes on offer. Fun!

The nights over now, and it’s time for bed, tomorrow brings yet another day of painting.

Happy Weekend to you!

One More Hurdle

25 02 2010

I’m falling apart.  My latest injury, tendonitis in my right hand, acserbated by bowling and endless painting and sanding.

According to my Doctor, “you’re not getting any younger”.  Now hang on a minute, that’s just rude.

True though all the same.  So now I have to wear a wrist brace for bowling, which I hate.  Although admittedly I did bowl better tonight wearing it than I have the last couple of times without, so perhaps there’s something to be said for following the instructions of a professional.

Otherwise, there’s not much else happening, the week is nearly over, and tomorrow and the weekend will be consumed by painting, and pulling up carpet.  Hopefully we’ll be back to sleeping in our own bed and not the sofa bed or guest room in the next few days.


So So

24 02 2010

As it turns out, I’m still not over my pneumonia, it’s like a cockroach, can’t be killed.  The antibiotics worked for a little while, but in the last week, I’ve been sliding backwards, so a trip to the Doctor was called for, and I have new drugs.

Yay.  I hate antibiotics, but they’re a necessity for now.  So hopefully this course will do it’s job.

Otherwise it was a non-eventful day, Pilates, errands, bowling, and home.

Tomorrow will be back to painting.  Excitement!

In other news, Happy Birthday Phil, and Happy Birthday Benjamin! 🙂

Calling it a Night

23 02 2010

Tuesday is coming to a close, and I couldn’t be any happier to climb into bed.  I’ve spent the day cleaning, and painting, the ceiling is finally finished, a full 4 litres (1 gallon) of paint on the bedroom ceiling again.  It’s like painting a sponge.  But at least it’s brilliant white, and there are no more dark spots like when we first bought the place.

Tomorrow will start early with Pilates, and then another day of painting.  It seems to be unending, but I’m getting there.  Although I’m not sure I’ll be finished by Saturday the day the bed should be arriving.  I guess I’ll have to postpone it until Wednesday.  Ugh, but at least there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and I’m fairly sure it’s not an oncoming train.

Goodnight. 🙂


22 02 2010

Not much painting happened today, in fact there was none at all.  I did however get the last of the painting supplies.

The house is now full of rollers, edgers, trays, brushes, coveralls, and I’m now in possession of another can of primer, this one tinted to a light base of the feature wall to assist block out the last of the old paint that appears to still be “glowing” through, despite having been covered in two coats of primer.  It’s almost radioactive.

I’ve also, finally, taken possession of the copper metallic paint that has been the bane of my existence for the last two weeks.  I had to go to a different store, place and pay for the order then travel 2 suburbs over to their supplier warehouse, but I now have it in my possession, along with the appropriate applicators, extenders and topcoats.

Painting has never been so complicated! 😉

White Freckles

21 02 2010

Or perhaps “Albino Lamington”…

Well all of today has been spent painting, and I’ve been respendent in what for all intents and purposes is an adult sized one piece romper suit.  Realistically it’s a disposable coverall for painting to save my clothes.  A handy piece of equipment, especially as I was tentative as to how much paint I’d cover myself in.

I’ve painted before, but never to this extent, well not without my Dad.  He and I used to paint our home when I was growing up.  He’d do the top half of the walls and ceiling, and I’d do the bottom half.  During the process I’d wind up covered in paint splashes from Dad’s roller as he sped back and forth across the ceiling.

I never was able to surprise Mum if she’d been away and we’d painted, she was always able to tell by telltale paintspots on my face and in my hair.

Well today has been a little the same but on a much smaller, and finer scale.  I have some white “freckles”, tiny little dots from the roller.  Evidence which has made me exceptionally happy in myself that I spent the whole of Saturday preparing the room by masking off, and covering everything that I didn’t want paint on.

Overall, I think I’ve done a pretty good job.  A room that was once 3 different, and heinous shades of green (colours selected by the previous owner of the house), is now a slightly greyish white colour from the primer.  The primer should have been much greyer than it is, no surprise it’s not though.  The paint store we got it from was the same one that screwed us around with another paint order recently.  Dumb asses!

Right now all the edging has had two coats and the walls one, and I’m typing this entry while they dry enough that I can go back and give them a second coat.  So far it’s been like painting a sponge.  The walls and ceiling all have a slight texture to them, and despite my filling and sanding all the holes I saw yesterday, I’ve found dozens more.  It’s as if someone has been blindly throwing dozens of darts at the wall.
Anyway, it’s all been primed now, I’ve used a whole can (4 litres/1 gallon) of primer, and I’ve still got another coat to go before I get into the final coats.

It is nice to go into a room that’s no longer green.  That’s a definite plus.

Alrighty, time for me to get myself a drink and something to eat and get back to painting again.

Before I go, as an aside.  Mark went outside today and finished planting the last of the bulbs and a couple of bags of wild flower seeds that he found, which I’m very grateful for as it’s one less thing for me to do, and it got him out of my hair while I was painting.

However, once he finished, and for the record, for any potential future court case for his homicide, it has to be recorded that while I was painting, he walked into the room carrying a “How to Paint” book, and commenced criticising my painting technique based on seeing two brush strokes.  Let’s just say that had their been any Sailors or Truckers present they would have been horrified and what I said in response.  You’d think he’d know better by now.  Oh well, he’s trying to make amends by doing the ironing.
What a kiss up! 😉


Busy, busy, busy

20 02 2010

Today has been a full and productive one.  We’ve been to the hardware store and I’ve selected the final wall colour to complement the feature wall (for when we FINALLY get the paint for that), bought a stepladder, had lunch, and then I spent the entire afternoon removing furniture, filling holes in the wall created by previous owners, sanding, washing, tarping, masking and generally preparing the room for the painting to begin.

While I was doing this I banished Mark to the garden to plant some of the bulbs we’ve had in the garage for months.  It kept him out of my hair, and gave him something to do, so he can finally lay claim to having helped in the garden.

The best part of the day was in the late afternoon when we had a 90 minute hot stone massage each.  Let me just say that it was absolutely amazing!  Following that I spent some time in the steam room, primarily to loosen up the remains of my pneumonia, and then it was off for dinner.  Fortunately the gym has a restaurant too.

So freshly made spicy Tomato and Basil soup to start, then New York Strip steak, medium rare, with mushrooms and fresh asparagus, with a glass of Penfolds Cabernet.  A very civilised way to end the day.

Now I’m all showered, blogged, and the sofa bed has been made up so that we have somewhere to sleep until the bedroom is finished.

Bliss!  Goodnight all.

Incompetent Fools

19 02 2010

So much for getting the paint for the bedroom today.  We initially placed our order last Sunday, dropped into the store again on Tuesday to follow up, phoned on Thursday to follow up again, to be told the paint would be available today.

I drove to the store to get it, to be told “Sorry I forgot”.

ARGH!  Sorry won’t paint my wall.  Of course the vendor is closed all weekend, and an order can’t be placed until Monday.  I’m pretty damn happy I moved the delivery date for the new bed from tomorrow to the following Saturday.

Fortunately, I’ve found someone else who can get the paint for me by Monday, have primer, and ceiling paint, so I can get most of the room done, and final coats on Monday once I get the proper final paint colours.

You’d think painting would be easy.  Not so much when you’re dealing with idiots.

No matter, having a nice therapeutic glass of wine now and relaxing for the evening.

Happy weekend to you!