The New Core Workout

1 02 2010

There’s nothing like a few hours hunched over the toilet bowl vomitting violently with an empty stomach to get your abdominal muscles working.

Gross huh?

Well that was most of my evening.  Fever, sweats, running to the toilet for a “workout” and hurriedly trying to gulp down water to give myself something to bring up.  Not fun at all.

Fortunately today seems to be a little better.  I’ve not been ill, the fever seems to have finally gone, perhaps the antibiotics are finally working.  So much for having a cold.  It soon became a sinus infection, and the way I felt last night, had me thinking it was pneumonia, as I felt exactly like I did when I’ve had it previously…  Feeling like I wanted to die.

But, today has been a better day, and hopefully tomorrow will be too.  Just in case, I’ve cancelled all my committments this week, and am focussing purely on getting back to full health.  2010 has had a rough start so far, hopefully February will see that improve.



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