Who’s the Boss?

2 02 2010

Apparently our youngest cat Annie thinks she’s in charge of the house.  Most cats believe their owners are actually their staff, she’s no exception.

As I type this, she’s sitting at my feet staring at me and psychically willing me to get off the computer, get her stick toy and go play with her.

She won’t do it any other time, of the day, she won’t cuddle, is barely friendly, but when she wants something, she’s pretty demanding.

I’ve never met a more time regimented cat in my life.  She knows when I wake up and expects to be fed immediately, she knows when it’s dinner time, and again, expects to be fed immediately, and at this time of night, every night, she starts climbing my leg, head butting my foot, crying, and staring to get me to play with her.
Anyone would think she was mistreated, unloved and never fed.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  I’ve never owned a cat that’s had so many toys.  Even the day we got her she came with her toys…

Better go, she’s halfway up my leg ago.  Seems I’m being beckoned a little less discreetly.