Bed Hopping

6 02 2010

This morning got off to a pretty rough start.  Our current mattress has about given up the ghost, and has been getting steadily more uncomfortable every day.

Today was the last straw.  I coughed on waking (I’m getting over a bad chest virus), and pain shot through my neck and arms and radiated through my body.  Ouch, and a little scarey, especially since I’ve already had one herniated disk.  I’m in no rush for another one.

So, post breakfast, and morning appointments, we went mattress shopping.  We found the perfect one in the first store.  The sales staff were amazingly helpful and gave us all the assistance we needed.  However, we didn’t purchase straight away, we shopped around.  Only to find that the same mattress (the others we tried weren’t as good), was the same price in every location we went to.  So we returned to the original store to make our purchase.  The order has been placed, and we should take delivery in 2 weeks.


Soon, I’ll be able to sleep, comfortably, with my back in correct alignment, and most importantly, the new mattress doesn’t transfer movement.  So if Mark gets out of bed, or the cats jump on it, I shouldn’t feel it.  Allegedly, we should be able to stand a glass of wine on the corner of the mattress, and jump on the other side and it shouldn’t spill.  An important selling feature! 😉

Sadly, it’s crappy mattress for another 14 nights.