I Can See You!

8 02 2010

Well Monday has come and is on it’s way out.

There’s not much to report that’s exciting, other than I’m well enough this week to have returned to the gym, and am nice and post workout sore now.

Other than that, I practiced bowled for an hour, then realised I’d forgotten that I had an appointment with the Optometrist.  Oops.  Fortunately I got there in time.

In time to have my eyes dilated, and spend the next 4 hours sensitive to light and unable to focus.  Hehe!  I’ve spent the evening looking stoned with pupils the size of dinner plates.  Always a good look.
On the upside, my eyes are still in excellent condition, and I have 15/20 vision.  Yay!
Not withstanding, I still got myself a prescription for lenses, as I am partial to a nice set of frames, or as I like to refer to them, “artificial intelligence”.