Having a Ball!

12 02 2010

Today was a fun day. 

After 3 years of bowling league, I finally got a new ball.  My old one has seen better days, and as an entry level ball it did it’s job, but, my new one is so much better.

When I ordered it I was under the impression I was getting a dark mottley blue coloured ball, which while not exciting, I wasn’t too worried about, but when I saw it yesterday, it was so much better!  Blue, pearl, grey, and now that it’s been customised (drilled) for me, it’s amazing.

My first two frames weren’t so great, 6 pins, then 1, but the next 4 were all strikes.  First game, new ball, for a 182.  Colour me happy!

Not to mention, now that I’m finally getting back to full health I’m bowling better anyway.  Two days of practice hasn’t hurt any either. 

That’s not the end of the fun either, tonight was dinner, drinks, fun group board games, and meeting Lisa’s friends, Chris and Sue, who apparently have heard a lot about us, and wanted to meet us.  They were awesome, so was the evening!  Fun!