Painted into a Corner

13 02 2010

So, today I thought I’d be extra nice, and include Mark in the decision making process of home decorating.

I’ve mentioned previously that we’ve just bought a new bed.  It occurred to me not long after we bought it, that the carpet we have always been going to replace, really needs to be repalced before the new bed arrives as it’s going to be too heavy to move again.  Add to that, the room also needs painting.  Practicality states that now is the best time to paint because the carpet is being replaced.  Oh yes, carpet shopping, so much fun…!

Anyway, after 9 full hours and 8 different paint stores.  Accomodating Mark’s request for a specific paint type, only to have him change his mind mid order because it suddenly just occurred to him that his choice was going to be expensive…

Well, let’s just say that it was a very long day.  A day that is fortunately coming to an end.

Today’s achievements…

Finalising a carpet colour choice
Narrowing (Plan B) paint options down to the final two
Pushed the bed delivery day back by a week to accomodate painting and carpet installation
Purchasing and custom tinting Primer Paint, rollers, trays, drop sheets and masking tape
Dinner, and a glass of wine to take the edge off the day…

Now an early evening as tomorrow the furniture moving starts, and the room gets taped off.  Hopefully I’ll also get a coat of primer up.  It’ll be so pretty, grey walls, grey ceilings…
But, we’re finally making the place unequivocally our own.



2 responses

14 02 2010

You forgot about Plan C (C for Cocktails) – get a decorator in, let them do it all and have some stud serve vodka martinis while supervising … so simple 😉

15 02 2010

Hell no! Money saved is money reallocated for said cocktails! 😉

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