Over Stimulated!

14 02 2010

Sunday was a day full of bright lights, animated animal characters, video games, pin ball, pizza, salad, more noise, tokens, tickets, dozens of children, birthday cake, party hats, noise, artificial colouring, more children, presents, and that’s just what I can remember.

It was my friend Justin’s son, Jence’s 6th birthday, and to celebrate we all went to Chuckee Cheese, a venue geared towards children, or adults in touch with their inner child, and all manner of token operated rides and video games.  I have to admit on first entering the place I was a little overwhelmed but soon became numb to the noise.

I have to admit it was fun, and I had my own child there with me.  Mark vanished not long after we arrived to purchase tickets and feed them into the machines.  He won numerous tickets, all of which he donated back to the birthday boy, who of course couldn’t have been happier.

I got involved in the games on a more “assistance” level.  Jence’s little friend Nate’s legs were too short to reach the accelerator pedal for a car game he wanted to play.  So I played lead foot while he handled the gear changes and steering.

Good fun for everyone.  All of which ended at the park across the road from our house, which the dogs got to take advantage of, as we went home to get them and take them to the park with us, where they took full advantage of the attention of all the children who lavished them with pats and cuddles.

All that stimulation over, and children sent back to their appropriate owners, we headed for home to relax and unwind.

A different, but enjoyable day for everyone! 🙂  Certainly a different spin on Valentines Day, which admittedly we tend to ignore, and refer to as a Hallmark Holiday. 😉

But for those of you who recognise it.  Happy Valentines to you!



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