A New Day and a New Week

15 02 2010

So today was Monday, and much like I’m guessing a lot of people, when the alarm went off this morning, the last thing I wanted to do was wake up.

I did though, as Monday mornings are Pilates mornings.  Once that was done though, a big ol’ case of the CBF’s kicked in.

So not a whole lot happened other than picking a new carpet sample.

Oh yes, the carpet.  I forgot to mention yesterdays happy accident.

We’ve been checking out carpet samples for the two bedrooms for the last week and a bit, and trying to select complimentary paint colours.  All of which we finally worked out on Saturday, so late yesterday afternoon we started moving furniture out of our bedroom to allow for the painting preparation to begin.  That was when I found a telephone cord sticking out of the carpet.  I pulled it, and the carpet came up…

Lo, and behold, under the carpet was solid oak floorboards.  Finished, solid oak floor boards, and it’s the same in both bedrooms!  How awesome is that?

So, change of plans.  We’ve cancelled the carpet order, in favour of floorboards, which is a substantial saving.  We are getting carpet though, a lovely long, custom hallrunner.

So that’s a win for the carpet dealer, they still get a sale, still a huge saving for us, a saving that can be redirected towards the “house” budget, and the rugs I’ve had in storage in the garage for over a year can finally be put back into active use on my lovely floors.

So much to do, but not nearly as much as initially when carpets were the flavour of the day.  Now I don’t have to rush to empty two rooms of furniture and paint.  Now I can do one room time and not drive myself insane.

Happy days!  That’s all folks.  Have a great evening.