Incompetent Fools

19 02 2010

So much for getting the paint for the bedroom today.  We initially placed our order last Sunday, dropped into the store again on Tuesday to follow up, phoned on Thursday to follow up again, to be told the paint would be available today.

I drove to the store to get it, to be told “Sorry I forgot”.

ARGH!  Sorry won’t paint my wall.  Of course the vendor is closed all weekend, and an order can’t be placed until Monday.  I’m pretty damn happy I moved the delivery date for the new bed from tomorrow to the following Saturday.

Fortunately, I’ve found someone else who can get the paint for me by Monday, have primer, and ceiling paint, so I can get most of the room done, and final coats on Monday once I get the proper final paint colours.

You’d think painting would be easy.  Not so much when you’re dealing with idiots.

No matter, having a nice therapeutic glass of wine now and relaxing for the evening.

Happy weekend to you!



One response

19 02 2010

Happy Weekend to you too. Forget the therapeutic glass of wine … have a Merlot IV installed … saves having to get off the couch 😀 Cheers!

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