Busy, busy, busy

20 02 2010

Today has been a full and productive one.  We’ve been to the hardware store and I’ve selected the final wall colour to complement the feature wall (for when we FINALLY get the paint for that), bought a stepladder, had lunch, and then I spent the entire afternoon removing furniture, filling holes in the wall created by previous owners, sanding, washing, tarping, masking and generally preparing the room for the painting to begin.

While I was doing this I banished Mark to the garden to plant some of the bulbs we’ve had in the garage for months.  It kept him out of my hair, and gave him something to do, so he can finally lay claim to having helped in the garden.

The best part of the day was in the late afternoon when we had a 90 minute hot stone massage each.  Let me just say that it was absolutely amazing!  Following that I spent some time in the steam room, primarily to loosen up the remains of my pneumonia, and then it was off for dinner.  Fortunately the gym has a restaurant too.

So freshly made spicy Tomato and Basil soup to start, then New York Strip steak, medium rare, with mushrooms and fresh asparagus, with a glass of Penfolds Cabernet.  A very civilised way to end the day.

Now I’m all showered, blogged, and the sofa bed has been made up so that we have somewhere to sleep until the bedroom is finished.

Bliss!  Goodnight all.