White Freckles

21 02 2010

Or perhaps “Albino Lamington”…

Well all of today has been spent painting, and I’ve been respendent in what for all intents and purposes is an adult sized one piece romper suit.  Realistically it’s a disposable coverall for painting to save my clothes.  A handy piece of equipment, especially as I was tentative as to how much paint I’d cover myself in.

I’ve painted before, but never to this extent, well not without my Dad.  He and I used to paint our home when I was growing up.  He’d do the top half of the walls and ceiling, and I’d do the bottom half.  During the process I’d wind up covered in paint splashes from Dad’s roller as he sped back and forth across the ceiling.

I never was able to surprise Mum if she’d been away and we’d painted, she was always able to tell by telltale paintspots on my face and in my hair.

Well today has been a little the same but on a much smaller, and finer scale.  I have some white “freckles”, tiny little dots from the roller.  Evidence which has made me exceptionally happy in myself that I spent the whole of Saturday preparing the room by masking off, and covering everything that I didn’t want paint on.

Overall, I think I’ve done a pretty good job.  A room that was once 3 different, and heinous shades of green (colours selected by the previous owner of the house), is now a slightly greyish white colour from the primer.  The primer should have been much greyer than it is, no surprise it’s not though.  The paint store we got it from was the same one that screwed us around with another paint order recently.  Dumb asses!

Right now all the edging has had two coats and the walls one, and I’m typing this entry while they dry enough that I can go back and give them a second coat.  So far it’s been like painting a sponge.  The walls and ceiling all have a slight texture to them, and despite my filling and sanding all the holes I saw yesterday, I’ve found dozens more.  It’s as if someone has been blindly throwing dozens of darts at the wall.
Anyway, it’s all been primed now, I’ve used a whole can (4 litres/1 gallon) of primer, and I’ve still got another coat to go before I get into the final coats.

It is nice to go into a room that’s no longer green.  That’s a definite plus.

Alrighty, time for me to get myself a drink and something to eat and get back to painting again.

Before I go, as an aside.  Mark went outside today and finished planting the last of the bulbs and a couple of bags of wild flower seeds that he found, which I’m very grateful for as it’s one less thing for me to do, and it got him out of my hair while I was painting.

However, once he finished, and for the record, for any potential future court case for his homicide, it has to be recorded that while I was painting, he walked into the room carrying a “How to Paint” book, and commenced criticising my painting technique based on seeing two brush strokes.  Let’s just say that had their been any Sailors or Truckers present they would have been horrified and what I said in response.  You’d think he’d know better by now.  Oh well, he’s trying to make amends by doing the ironing.
What a kiss up! 😉