22 02 2010

Not much painting happened today, in fact there was none at all.  I did however get the last of the painting supplies.

The house is now full of rollers, edgers, trays, brushes, coveralls, and I’m now in possession of another can of primer, this one tinted to a light base of the feature wall to assist block out the last of the old paint that appears to still be “glowing” through, despite having been covered in two coats of primer.  It’s almost radioactive.

I’ve also, finally, taken possession of the copper metallic paint that has been the bane of my existence for the last two weeks.  I had to go to a different store, place and pay for the order then travel 2 suburbs over to their supplier warehouse, but I now have it in my possession, along with the appropriate applicators, extenders and topcoats.

Painting has never been so complicated! 😉



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