There’s a light…

26 02 2010

Not over at the Frankenstein place either!

Today has been a whirl of removing old painters tape, and replacing it with new, and then most tedious of all, 2 hours of hand edging all the paintwork and cutting in the corners before the first coat of one of the final colours was applied.

It’s so nice to see the room looking warmer and brighter, and most importantly not green!  Much improved.

The evening was a little more relaxed and fun, we went to our friends daughters school this evening to play Bingo for their fundraiser.  Six games, and three hundred prizes.  Fun for everyone.  The prizes were all primarily childrens toys, but the entire evening only cost us $30.00.  That included entry, bingo cards (12 each), two bottles of water, popcorn, and 20 raffle tickets.

We didn’t win the raffles but we got three of the other prizes on offer. Fun!

The nights over now, and it’s time for bed, tomorrow brings yet another day of painting.

Happy Weekend to you!