Handier Than I Gave Myself Credit For

27 02 2010

As most of you know who read these ramblings, I’ve been redecorating my bedroom.  A project that has been taking a lot longer than originally expected.

Today has been a good day though.  The three main walls are completely finished, as is the ceiling, and the final wall, is ready for tinted primer tomorrow, and then three coats of metallic copper, followed by a clear top coat.  Then there’s all the wood trim to paint.

Meanwhile, All the tape from the three main walls is down, and I’ve started pulling up the carpet.  I figure I might as well be productive.

Only half the carpet is up, and half the floor untarped, primarily to allow for the final portion of the painting project.  One day I’ll upload the photos, I’ve been taking them as I go to document the progress.

Otherwise, I’ve just had dinner, and have earnt myself a nice glass of something and a rest.  Tomorrow is going to be yet another busy day, and somewhere in there I’ll be heading off to the Seattle Home Show to check out their offerings and ideas.

Hooroo! 🙂