Suck It Up Whiner!

31 03 2010

Ok, I’m up for a rant, this is going to be a therapeutic text based purge and then I’m going to move on with my life.

Here goes.

I bowled tonight with one of my friends, one of my competitive friends…

We’ve both had bowling lessons, and there’s always some healthy competition between us, with each of us doing the best we can do out bowl the other.

Tonight, for the second time in a month I had the highest overall pin total.  By one, that’s right, ONE pin.  Admittedly I’m pretty happy about that but I like to consider myself gracious whether I’ve won, or lost.

Not so my bowling partner.  Last time I won a tantrum and sulk ensued that even managed to get publicised on Facebook.  Tonight came with an outburst as well.  It’s kind of funny, but also kind of tedious.  For god’s sake it’s a game.

Not to mention I’ve been bowling badly for weeks now.  Admittedly I’ve been battling Pneumonia, but I still get frustrated.  But I do my best to smile regardless of the outcome.


Ok, that’s my purge, now to move on with my life.  We won 2 out of 3 games tonight, and won overall pin tally.  So a good night overall, especially given we were 2 people playing against 4.  We both did very well.


Couch Time Continues

30 03 2010

Aside from a brief excursion into the outside world this morning to take Mark to work, check the mail and collect my new bowling bag I’ve spent the entire day at home.  Resting.



Although I did channel my pent up energy into cooking dinner.  So tonight we’ll be having Smoked Turkey, Sundried Tomatoes and Mushroom Risotto.  It’s a recipe I created myself a few years back, but usually use Smoked Chicken with.  Even if I do say so myself it’s pretty delicious.

Here’s hoping that tonights efforts live up to expectations.

Bored Out of My Mind

29 03 2010

I spent the entire day today resting.  Chicken soup for lunch and a whole pile of movies, but all I wanted to do was go outside and do something, anything.

Soon, the sooner I’m back to full health, the sooner I can get out and about again.  Not sure whether I can do it again tomorrow, but we’ll see.

The cats are certainly enjoying themselves with all the additional couch time.

Slowly, and hopefully surely.

28 03 2010

For the first time in over a week I’ve been able to breathe a little more freely, a boon as until recently more than 10 consecutive steps had me gasping for air, a frightening experience.

As much as I desperately wanted to do something today, I forced myself to rest, and took full advantage of a power outage this afternoon by having a nap.

I met with the Doctor again yesterday who seems happy for now on the Pneumonia front, but explained that I’ve a good month of recuperation ahead of me, as for my heart, well we’ll see.  There’s a possibility that it may just be enlarged because of the pneumonia.

I will confess though that it’s very sobering to have the Doctor talk to you about your health and use the words “potential heart failure” in a sentence.  So being able to breathe today was a very welcome relief. 🙂

Happy Birthday again to my nephew Jack who turned 2 yesterday, which is today on this side of the world.

Happy Birthday Rustnut!

How To Train Your Dragon

27 03 2010

That’s the movie that we saw today, and I have to tell you, it’s the most amazing animated film I’ve seen in a long time.

I’d watch it again, and again, and again.

How to Train Your Dragon is simply awesome, and you’ll fall in love with Toothless the Night Fury!

Because it’s late, and I’m tired, and I’m too lazy to elaborate, you’re going to have to see it for yourself, but I wholeheartedly recommend it. 🙂

Super Drugs

26 03 2010

I took my last tablet of the 3 super horse-sized antibiotics that I was prescribed on Wednesday today.  With any luck they’ll be the death of the Pneumonia bugs squatting in my lungs since the start of the year.

I feel a little better today already, but I’m not sure what part of that is the drugs or wishful thinking on my part.

Time will tell I guess…  Fingers crossed.

When Blog Worlds Collide

25 03 2010

Today was a momentous day, I finally got to meet one of my readers and fellow bloggers; Rhonda, of At Random.  Rhonda is also an Australia, and the last two times she has been in Seattle I’ve been back in Australia.

But, not this year.  This time we finally got to meet in person.  Sadly time was limited, but I have to admit that I was thrilled to meet someone who has been reading my blog for almost 4 years, and who I’ve communicated with electronically via my blog, her blog and email.  Rhonda, you’re even lovelier in person, and it was a pleasure and a privelege to finally meet you.

Initially we’d arranged to have brunch, after which I was to drive her to the airport for her flight back to LAX commencing her trip back to Australia.   The day started fine, I was up early, got into Seattle with plenty of time to spare, so sat in the car for a short while listening to the stereo, only to have the car battery die.  Murphy’s Law.

Fortunately I’d managed to park right outside the hotel, and AAA (Like RAC in Australia) arrived in 20 minutes, so it wasn’t long before we were back on the road.  That’s the first time that’s ever happened to me, and I hope the last, as instead of having the car “jump started” I had the battery replaced totally.  One problem solved.

Of course after the disconnection the radio required resetting, I have the code for that.  I don’t have the code for the GPS which apparently also needs to be unlocked.  Doh!  Fortunately I knew where I was and how to get to the airport.

A few laughs ensued, and we had plenty of time to talk while we toured quickly across the 520 floating bridge across Lake Washington.  I don’t think Rhonda was too impressed when I pointed out that I’d seen a documentary that displayed in the event of an earthquake that the bridge would rock, sheer and sink to the bottom of the lake.  Sadistic story telling timing on my part. 😉
Needless to say that trip was one way and we went around the lake rather than across it to get to the airport.

So overall, and a day of new connections (in person) and adventure.  The fun never ends here. 🙂

Rhonda, travel safe, thanks for the Tim Tams, and please keep in touch.

I’m So Lucky!

24 03 2010

This year was supposed to be better than last year, which it has been, except for my health.  On New Years Day I got the start of what I thought was a cold, but in fact was Pneumonia.

As of today, almost at the end of March, I still have it!  Argh!  I’ve taken all the antibiotics as advised, have never missed a dose, and aside from feeling better for a short period of time have had no real improvement.  So I made an appointment to see the Doctor again today.  I knew as I made the appointment that I’d be getting a chest xray, and I was right.

I’m no Doctor, but even I could tell from looking at the results that something wasn’t right.  My lungs are full of Pneumonia, and just because I’m so lucky, the Gods have seen fit to give me an enlarged heart as well.  Great!

Hopefully, the enlarged heart will reverse to normal size once the Pneumonia is finally gone.  Since my lungs aren’t transferring oxygen as well as they should my heart is having to beat harder and faster to compensate, hence the enlargement. 

Starting this afternoon I started a new batch of drugs.  These once must be super heavy duty.  The last two were taken over a course of 10, and then 20 days.  This batch are one a day for three days.  The tablet equivalent of a nuclear bomb for Pneumonia apparently.  Fingers crossed according to the Doctor I should start feeling better by Saturday.  I hope so.   Ugh, nothing like a bit of drama.

On the upside, I was told that I’m very obviously not a whiner or an American, as apparently according to the Doctor the average American would have been back in his office within 48 hours of starting a medicine regime if there’d been no improvement.

Sorry if you’re American and you’re reading this, I’m just sharing a quote.

Alrighty, I’m home from bowling, I’m still allowed to as I’m not contagious and don’t need to be confined to bed, I just have to slow down when I get tired.

So for all my friends out there who called me a heartless bastard.  I have proof that I have a heart, and it’s probably bigger than yours! 😛  LOL!

Ok, off to bed now.  Hooroo!

Passover Shopping

23 03 2010

Tonight on Mark’s request we drove to Mercer Island to do the grocery shopping.  His reasoning, and totally valid reasoning at that, was that Passover is approaching and the Albertson’s Supermarket on Mercer Island has an amazing range of Kosher and Passover appropriate products.

As it turns out, it also has an amazing range of wheatfree products which is a boon for me.

The only scary part was how much it all cost.  One positive thing is we’re not going to have to go shopping again anytime soon. 😉

Space Odyssey GPS Style

22 03 2010

If you’ve seen the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey you’ll understand…

Today I’d made plans to meet my friend Tom to go and see a movie; The Crazies.  I’m sort of familiar with the location of the cinema, but not familiar enough that I can get there without directions.  So, being the owner of a car that has a GPS system I punched in the information and followed the directions.

The wrong directions!

Turns out there are three locations with the same name, the first one I went to turned out to be nearly 10 miles from the correct destination, the second one was also incorrect, but close enough that I could see the correct cinema from my location.

Ugh!  I’d be lying if I didn’t say I didn’t swear loudly several times.

I did make it to the movie in time to have only missed two of the previews.  The film itself, while not fantastic was entertaining enough.  Suspenseful enough that I jumped several times.  All good fun.

So that was my Monday.  It started with Pilates, included a convoluted drive to the cinema, a movie, and home for salad for dinner, and now a night in front of the television.  Some time this week I’m going to have to start painting again…