Failed Addict

1 03 2010

I spent YET another day painting today.  The last wall needed one more coat of primer before I can begin the first of 3 final coats of the metallic copper followed by a final coat of clear primer, there’s also trim to be painted.  No small job.

The primer is excellent, but it’s noxious.  I have no idea how people actively sniff cans of paint to get high and enjoy it.  I guess I don’t have the determination, need, will power, call it what you will for that sort of thing.  Even with every window and door in the vicinity open, and wearing a respirator, my head was spinning.  Fortunately I got it over and done with quickly so I could escape outside into the fresh air.

Tomorrow will be busy again, but for the evening, I’ve removed the final tack boards for the half of the room that I’ve removed carpet.  Filled staple and nail holes in the floor boards and polished them, and replaced all the faceplates for the switches and power outlets.

It all seems worthwhile, especially now I’m typing about it, and enjoying a glass of wine while I do it.