The End is Nigh…

8 03 2010


As of this afternoon, and not including the trim and molding, the painting in the bedroom is finished.  No more coats, topcoats, back rolling…  I couldn’t be any happier, it’s gone on for far too long, and as of this evening, there’s no carpet either.

The carpet has all been removed, as has the backing and the numerous staples across the middle of the room.  Now there’s just the tack boards around the perimeter of the room, filling the holes, the afore mentioned trim and moldings, and I’m done and the furniture can go back.

Even though it’s not entirely finished I have to admit the room looks pretty amazing. 🙂

Pictures will follow.  I’m still taking them, I just haven’t uploaded any yet.  For now I’m going to sit down with a glass of wine and relax.  Tomorrow’s my birthday and I’m not doing anything!  Nada, zip, zilch!