11 03 2010

Not since Year 8 Electronics have I performed so much wiring, and re-wiring…  Well that’s technically not true, I re-wired a fridge a little over a decade ago, but that was pretty straight forward.  Today, not so much.

The entire bedroom has had all it’s power outlets, dimmer switches, coaxial cables, and phone points swapped out today with up to date equipment, that all matches, and is a lot safer than what was already installed.  I’m no electrician, but even I could tell that the original work wasn’t entirely acceptable.  But it’s all fixed now.  Fortunately you don’t need to be licensed here to do such work.  Fortunate for me perhaps, but also probably how the house ended up so badly wired originally.

Oh well, one project is drawing to a close, the bedroom looks amazing now that it has hardwood floors instead of grotty, over-stretched carpets, and green walls.  Now it’s all polished oak, gleaming white trim, cream and copper.  A big step up, and finally part of the house has our “mark” on it.

The new bed arrives tomorrow too.  Joy and rapture, spine support, finally! 🙂

That’s all.  Hooroo! 🙂



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