What a Day!

13 03 2010

Today has been one of the longest days I’ve had in a while.

Mark dragged me out to Seattle’s Emerald City Comicon today for over 10 hours.  It’s not quite my scene, but it’s definitely his being the avid comic collector that he is.  The day improved somewhat with a martini at lunch. 😉

We finally got home in the evening in time to feed the pets before heading out again into Bellevue to see two of the comedians from Chelsea Lately; Heather MacDonald, and Sarah Colonna, more martinis were consumed, and while Mark fell asleep at the table, I enjoyed myself.

That being said, I’m exhausted now, and going to crawl back into my nice new bed that I didn’t want to leave this morning.  Sunday will be another day of Comicon.  Excitement… 😐