Time Travel

14 03 2010

Last night was my second night sleeping on the new mattress, a sounder sleep I’ve not had without medication, or several drinks, so I can’t honestly say that I was at my happy, sunny, friendly best when Mark woke me to tell me I’d lost an hour due to Daylight Savings and that we had to get moving for Day 2 at Comicon.

Waking me, and dragging me to a Nerdfest, is a bit much, especially two days running, and on a Sunday

It was ok, I took advantage of the day to wear a t-shirt I’ve had in my drawer for a while, and that I thought appropriate for the venue.  It says “You have the right to remain silent.  So SHUT UP” on it.  Most appropriate given the crap we’ve had to listen to in the last 24 hours.  There’s some strange people at these events.  Some normal, most not so much.

Let’s just go with, “the gene pool is shallow, and screaming out for a shock dose of chlorine”.

I survived, and am certainly in no hurry to go again in the near or distant future, but we’ll see how that works.  I’m now looking forward to our next trip, our first ever visit to Las Vegas.  It should be fun, but that’s a few weeks away yet. 🙂