Drowning in Sunshine

15 03 2010

Spring is well and truly on it’s way, the clocks have gone forward an hour, the bulbs in the garden have sprouted so there’s colour and blooms, the birds are feasting on the bird feeder, and the house was warmer than the setting on the thermostat, and without the heater even being on.

Best of all, the skylights let in all the sun that was available today allowing me to open the windows and get some lovely fresh air through the house.

Amazing what a bit of sunshine can do for you, and how restorative it is.   Aside from all the jobs inside the house that I need to do, more painting, renovating the bathrooms etc, the gardens need tending, and the lawns are crying out to be mown.

Things are about to get busy, but best of all it’s outdoors busy. 🙂



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