I’m So Lucky!

24 03 2010

This year was supposed to be better than last year, which it has been, except for my health.  On New Years Day I got the start of what I thought was a cold, but in fact was Pneumonia.

As of today, almost at the end of March, I still have it!  Argh!  I’ve taken all the antibiotics as advised, have never missed a dose, and aside from feeling better for a short period of time have had no real improvement.  So I made an appointment to see the Doctor again today.  I knew as I made the appointment that I’d be getting a chest xray, and I was right.

I’m no Doctor, but even I could tell from looking at the results that something wasn’t right.  My lungs are full of Pneumonia, and just because I’m so lucky, the Gods have seen fit to give me an enlarged heart as well.  Great!

Hopefully, the enlarged heart will reverse to normal size once the Pneumonia is finally gone.  Since my lungs aren’t transferring oxygen as well as they should my heart is having to beat harder and faster to compensate, hence the enlargement. 

Starting this afternoon I started a new batch of drugs.  These once must be super heavy duty.  The last two were taken over a course of 10, and then 20 days.  This batch are one a day for three days.  The tablet equivalent of a nuclear bomb for Pneumonia apparently.  Fingers crossed according to the Doctor I should start feeling better by Saturday.  I hope so.   Ugh, nothing like a bit of drama.

On the upside, I was told that I’m very obviously not a whiner or an American, as apparently according to the Doctor the average American would have been back in his office within 48 hours of starting a medicine regime if there’d been no improvement.

Sorry if you’re American and you’re reading this, I’m just sharing a quote.

Alrighty, I’m home from bowling, I’m still allowed to as I’m not contagious and don’t need to be confined to bed, I just have to slow down when I get tired.

So for all my friends out there who called me a heartless bastard.  I have proof that I have a heart, and it’s probably bigger than yours! 😛  LOL!

Ok, off to bed now.  Hooroo!