It May Be a Little Early…

30 04 2010

But I think I may have dodged a bullet.

I met with my Cardiologist today for a Stress test to see how my heart is responding to all the medications I’ve been prescribed.

I’m not sure what’s more stressful, being wired up to the machine, or walking at an ever increasing incline and speed for as long as possible.  The best thing about the whole process was I didn’t have to stop because of my heart, my calves cramped before that ever became an issue.

To think that a little over three weeks ago, walking more than 20 metres had me feeling like I was going to die, breaking out in a sweat, gasping for air and with tightness in my chest, and today I could walk high speed on an incline for 10 minutes before breaking into a sweat,  and breathing a little harder, with NO tightness in my chest.  A breakthrough.

The echo cardiogram showed that my heart has strengthened  a little, but my heart valves have pretty much recovered.  A sign according to my Doctor that my issues were of viral origin.

I’m now allowed to commence cardio workouts again o whatever level is comfortable for me, and encouraged to continue improving and increasing them.  I’m still caffeine and alcohol free, notthat I drank a great deal of either, but it is kind of tedious being told you have Congestive Heart Failure in one sentence, and “Don’t drink alcohol” in the next.  It’s one of those few times when you REALLY want a drink!  Salt is also off the dietary list, not that I add salt either, but as I’ve come to notice salt is in EVERYTHING, primarily processed and restaurant foods.  So we’ve been cooking a lot more, which isn’t such a bad thing either.

So as of today, more cardio has been authorised, my medications increased yet again, I’m not taking 72 hours of one drug in a 24 hour period, and 48 hours of another in the same time frame, and will continue to do so for the time being.  They’re function is to lower my blood pressure even further and strengthen my heart muscle.  I’ve even been fortunate enough (to date, and touching wood) to not have had any side effects or dizziness from the changed blood pressure.

So good news, but as I said, I’m not getting too ahead of myself.

After all of that we caught up with a good friend; Jeff for dinner, and a swathe of chocolatey goodness before heading home for the evening, where I’ve decided that my future will be chocolate free for a while.

A great start to the weekend! 🙂

Hey Ho the Dairy-O!

29 04 2010

I’ve no idea what to write today, nor do I have any idea of why I chose the title, it was just something that jumped into my head and had no relevance to anything.

It just is.

As is this posting.  Pointless, other than just being here. 😉

Happy Hump Day!

28 04 2010

Today’s been one of the most productive and enjoyable days I’ve had in quite some time.  It started early with Pilates where my instructor and friend Derik had me assume all manner of bizarre position which ended with us both giggling inappropriately, then a spot of shopping for assorted gifts with my friend Lisa, then off to lunch and to meet a new friend Brian, which I enjoyed immensely, both for the food and the company. 🙂

Then home again where I finally had the energy and enthusiasm to mow the front lawn which has been in dire need of maintenance for over a month.

I only slightly overestimated my energy levels, so while I got the lawn mowed, and a whole pile of weeds removed, I had to stop before I could do the edges.  Oh well, they’ll still be there later on.

Now it’s not long past 6pm, I’m showered, the pets are all fed, and it’s time to relax for the evening!

Happy Dance! 🙂

Any Ideas?

27 04 2010

Over the years I’ve owned a number of cats, but never, and I mean NEVER have I owned one that is so utterly and completely obsessed with playing.

Obsessed to the point that we’ve had to hide some toys where she can’t reach them.  She knows where they are though, and will sit at the base of the cabinet howling as long as it takes for us to cave in and play with her.

She has toys everywhere, automated laser pointers, spring loaded ones stuck to walls, a cat climbing tower, a ball in a track that goes incessantly in figure 8’s when she hits it, and assorted scratching posts, she even has another cat to play with, although even he’s growing tired of her.  It’s sheer insanity.

If she wasn’t so cute, or intelligent, the lengths she’ll go to to get her toys is astounding, I’d try and strangle her.  As it is, I have a spray bottle next to me when I use my laptop as it’s near the toy cabinet and she spends all her time howling at my feet or jumping on my lap and climbing on me to try and get closer to her toys.

Ugh, it’s break time now though.  Food is the only way to distract her, and right now she’s eating so I’m going to enjoy the peace.

I’m Gunna Be In Trouble…

26 04 2010

After several bad hair days, I gave in today.  I grew up with a Mother for a hairdresser, and have had my hair cut professionally ever since.  Except for twice.

Last year the day I had surgery, I clippered all my hair of, and today, feeling less than willing to go to the hairdresser, I unearthed the clippers again, and “styled” myself short.

No more bad hair days, and the same style regardless of the weather, the event, emotion etc etc.   So much more convenient. 😉

But when Amanda my hairdresser finds out I’m going to be in deep trouble… 

That’s my excitement for the day.   LOL!

A Day on the Road

25 04 2010

Usually on a Sunday we stay pretty close to home, not today.

Today we decided to get outside into the sunshine, and hit the road.   So we packed the dogs, their water bowl, leads, a thermos full of water for them, and drinks for us, and head out into the big blue yonder.

We ended up in Leavenworth, a picturesque “German” town over 100 miles from home.  We drove over snow covered mountains, past white water rapids, and enjoyed German fare, and coffee at the other end before turning around and heading home.

The dogs loved it!  They spent most of the time with their noses in the air pointed towards the open windows as we drove, and frolicking on the regular breaks we gave them along the way.  Spoilt little mutts.  They then slept nearly all the way home.

We’re definitely going to have to go back again.  Bed time now.  Hope you all had great weekends! 🙂

Happiness is…

24 04 2010

At least for tonight…   A mashed banana sandwich with peanut butter and honey.

It also occurred to me while mashing the banana that my Dad loved a mashed banana sandwich too.  A chip off the old block. 🙂

Oh, Happiness is also my family and friends so a big shout out to you all.  I’m off to have my sandwich now and wash it down with a glass of milk while watching Dr Who.

Kill me now, I’m happy!

The Weekend is Here Again!

23 04 2010

It seems like it never left, this week went past so fast.  But here it is again.

Hopefully the weather will improve somewhat and I’ll be able to finally mow the lawns, but the forecast doesn’t look too promising.  Not that I’m overly upset either.

It’s looking to be another relaxing weekend, which is fine with us.  At this stage we don’t have any plans other than dinner with friends.

I guess I should just enjoy the downtime.  It won’t be long until I’m babysitting my friends three children for a week.  If I hadn’t already raised a 35 year old (Mark) I’d be daunted.  I’ll have a 15 year old boy, and two girls aged 11 and 7 respectively.  My hands will be full. 😉

1000 Apologies

22 04 2010

Here it is, in black and white, a big apology to my friends and family whose emails I’ve not replied to recently.

I’ve been pretty slack, but will endeavour to catch up again in the next few days.

Big hugs until then! 🙂

Tentative Excitement

21 04 2010

Today, for the first time in weeks I bowled without dissolving into a sweating, panting heap, and my hands and feet are nice and warm too.

Now, to me, that would suggest that my heart is starting to slowly regain some of it’s strength.  Of course I’m not getting excited just yet, nor am I going to push myself too hard, but I am just a little happy about it.  It’s nice that for the first time this year I actually feel good.  What a nice surprise. 🙂