Touchdown in Vegas

4 04 2010

I’ve finally made it to Las Vegas after living in America for nearly four years, and it’s certainly an assault on the senses.  Not altogether unpleasant.

People have told me before that there are casino slot machines at the airport.  They weren’t lying.  You don’t even make it out of the arrival lounge before you see the frist ones.  Literally at the end of the connector from the airport to the plane itself.

So far the only overwhelming part has been the walking, and that’s primarily because of my dodgy heart.   Annoying and frustrating, but I’m behaving and taking it easy.  As I type this, Mark, Alex and Randy are all down at the pool, and I’ve chosen to rest in the hotel room, as it’s already been a big day.

So much to see and do, and I need to behave.  Typical! 😉

It’ll still be fun, Las Vegas with good friends…  Yay!