Twin Peaks Diner

10 04 2010

“Cherry Pie, and a damn fine cup of coffee”, or that’s what they said in the movie.

Today Mark and I decided to have lunch at the cafe seen in Twin Peaks.  It’s located in North Bend, Washington, and called Twede’s Cafe.  We found out after we were seated that the original cafe was gutted by fire.  By the looks of the place, the cleanup was a long way from complete.  The place is a dump.

The service sucked, the food was way below average, and the first thoughts through our heads when we realised that lunch was over cooked, was “at least we won’t get food poisoning”.

Kind of sad, but still an experience.  Even if it was one we’ll not repeat.

So while some say Laura Palmer was murdered, judging by our experience today, it could have been classed as a Mercy Killing, or potential suicide. 😉

All that aside, Saturday was nice and relaxing.  The sun was out, I didn’t get out of bed until nearly 10am, and then spent a quiet evening with friends.

Now I’m home, have had a shower, am in my pj’s and have a nice steaming mug of good quality hot chocolate.  Bliss! 😉