Activity at last

14 04 2010

Not much, but anything is a step up on recent days where I’ve done nothing but rest.

Today was Pilates day again which was hard, but enjoyable all at once.  It’s just nice to get out of the house, and since Pilates is low on cardio activity it’s acceptable.  I still needed a nap when I got home though.

A nap and a movie, or to be accurate, the movie played and I slept through it.  The day flew past. 😉

The evening saw me out to bowling.  Where I behaved yet again.  No alcohol, no salty fries or pizza, despite everyone else around me eating and drinking the stuff.

For me it was Sprite and Ice water…  I’m in no rush to get a halo, but I’m qualifying…

Now I’m home again, showered and settled in to watch yet another movie.  I’m certainly catching up on some golden oldies.