Good Omens

16 04 2010

Or signs of improvement.  Today, for the first time all year I actually felt decent, healthy and ready to face the world.

But I harnessed the urge and took it easy.  There’s no point going mad now and going backwards.  I had a full day free of chest pain, gasping for air and general discomfort.  I’d like to say the day was also free of dizzyness, but that’s not quite true, probably because I hung upside down over the back of the couch today giving Oliver (my cat) smoochies.

I can’t say he was overly impressed but he tolerated me. 😉

So things seem to be improving, and my fingers are crossed and I’m obeying all Doctors orders.  So Mum, since I know you’re reading this, you can relax. 😛

Happy Weekend Everyone!