Gently Industrious

17 04 2010

I’m feeling a little average as I type this, but it’s been a pretty busy day.  Not strenuous, just busy.

I’ve  been to a tile company today and picked up a pile of samples, taken photos of items that I liked, and then travelled South to Ikea to get some information and ideas on cabinetry.

We’ve decided that since our kitchen is an existing Ikea cabinet creation, that we can quite economically adjust the configuration, increase storage and generally update it.

Right now it’s just the idea phase, so I’m gathering samples, images and information.  Plenty of planning to be done.

We’ve also just come home from dinner with good friends, a perfect close to the day.  But it’s getting late, I’m getting tired and I’m well overdue for a rest.

Nite nite.