On the Nose

18 04 2010

I slept in this morning, which is a Sunday luxury to wake and find the sun shining brightly, skies all blue, and the dogs with their noses pressed up against the door dying to get inside.

They don’t care how nice the weather is, they’d much rather be inside curled up on their bed.  After a while I caved in and brought them in only to be assaulted by “dog stench”.

I have no idea how they do it.  There’s no mud in the yard, their waste is cleaned up regularly, their beds are washed, but they stank to high heaven, and then some.

That’s been addressed now.  Mark booked them in at Petco for a bath, brush, nail clipping and teeth brushing.  They’re both now a different colour.

You’d think that they’d be only to happy to enjoy the sunny weather again once we were home.  No chance.  They couldn’t get back inside the house fast enough.  Only this time, not to their usual bed.  I disposed of it.   Usually we wash it, this time I deemed it beyond saving.  They now have a lovely big comfy cushion big enough for the both of them, and both the cats should they feel inclined, and they’re snoring up a storm.

These hounds are definitely not neglected.  Spoilt is a word that definitely comes to mind…