The Growing Tasklist

20 04 2010

Now I know that I’m supposed to be resting, by order of my Doctor and repeat reminder by my real Mum and friends who act like her in her absence, but I’m going mad.

There are so many small projects I want to do, and activities I want to take part in.  Talk about frustrating.  So far I’ve limited myself to a few chores around the house, chores that there’s never any shortage on, because good health or bad health, I’m still expected to play house maid to Mark who treats the house like he’s living in a Fraternity.

If not for my strong morale compass I’d be tempted to set fire to the house and burn it to the ground.  Surely it’d be simpler to start over from scratch than mine through all the piles of crap that are slowly spreading everywhere.  Some not so slowly.

At least all the laundry has been done, and my strawberry plant has been pruned and is starting to flower again.  Fresh strawberries coming soon! 🙂

Alrighty, I’m done bitching, at least for tonight.  Time to get back to setting up my phone and Zune with some new music.